How To Find Flexibility In Macro Counting

How To Find Flexibility In Macro Counting

Macro counting has been life-changing for me and given me the ability to eat without guilt or shame.  But with years of counting, you'll find yourself going through phases of commitment. That is normal. Sometimes I need untracked periods, but more often than not I've found myself gravitating towards a structured way of eating that incorporates macros but isn't as strict. 

I have found discipline creates freedom for me, whether that’s with my food, laundry, workouts, date night, homework time with the kids. I need to be disciplined to feel freedom.

Introduce, the IHM Method.  With the iHeart Macros Method, I’ve taken flexible dieting and make it even more flexible!  This is the structure that we offer in our Coaching Program where I help you set target goals for your daily total protein intake and daily total calorie intake amounts. It's as simple as that, and it's SO easy to see success.

Below is an example of how I use our iHeart Macros Method in action.

By tracking overall calories and protein amounts, you can allow the carbs and fats you consume to vary each day. Hello food freedom!

Sample Day using the IHM Method:

Let's walk through where this program helps you succeed while having more food freedom.  I really love The Green Stripe Pizza at Blaze Pizza, like a lot you guys. I love it so much. And I eat all 6 pieces which is a total of 678 calories (30p 72c 30f) with GF crust.

My total calories for the day are 1650 calories and 150g of that NEEDS to be protein. Remember, you focus on tracking your calories AND protein intake. 

So with pre-logging the above pizza into my Lose It app, I have 972 calories left for the day and 120g of that needs to come from protein (480 calories). This leaves me 492 calories of either fat and/or carbs to eat.

My other meals will be high protein like egg whites, extra lean ground turkey, chicken tenders or canned chicken from Costco or a protein shake. Most likely it will look like this:


  • An iheartMacros Vanilla protein shake with 1/2 cup frozen strawberries after my workout. Also adding 2 chocolate rice cakes and a square of 90% cocoa dark chocolate.


  • 1cup cooked egg whites smothered with 2tbsp PB2 (don’t knock it til ya try it)


  • A salad made with 5oz. extra lean ground turkey, kale/ arugula mix, and topped with 2 eggs and 1/2 avocado (no dressing needed because of the avocado and runny egg)

That leaves me at a Daily total of: 1638 calories 142p | 123c | 61 f.  If you remember up above, my IHM Method numbers to hit are 1650 calories and 150g of that NEEDS to be protein. 

We pretty much nailed it you guys. I focus on getting my protein in and meeting my calorie goal without going over. I am finding more flexibility with this method but love still having a structured plan. 

If you'd like to try the IHM Method for yourself and check in with us weekly, we'd love to have you join our coaching program.

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