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Our philosophy.

For most of us, dieting can feel like a rollercoaster.  At iHeart Macros, we help you build a healthy relationship with food through non-restrictive programs and delicious supplements so that you can live healthy and lean.

Food freedom starts here.

We don't subscribe to elimination diets. Instead, we believe that you can still eat the foods you love and be healthy at the same time. That way, you can get the body you want and enjoy your meals too!

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Better Digestion

Our supplements help you stay fit and keep your stomach happy. You won't feel uncomfortable or bloated after using them.

Seasonal Cut Challenges

If you want help sticking to your goals and being cheered on by a group, we offer our 30-Day Love Your Body Challenge three times per year.

Supplement Bundles

You can save money when you stack supplements. We offer bundles that help you get stronger, lose fat, and recover from exercise.

Home or Gym Workouts

Join our $10/monthly app membership for new weekly workouts for the gym or at home.

Your very own personal trainer.

At the gym...

When you join the WHIP app, you can use our newest weekly workout plans. You won't have to feel lost or confused at the gym anymore! We also have videos that show you how to perform each exercise like a pro.

And at home.

If you like to exercise at home, the WHIP app has unique workouts just for you. Every Sunday night, we add new ones so you'll never get bored. You don't need a lot of equipment, the workouts are designed to help you lose fat. Get ready to sweat!

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The Macro Editorial

Fuel your mind and body with protein-packed recipes and advice on the macro-lifestyle.