What To Do When You Feel Image-Obsessed

What To Do When You Feel Image-Obsessed


There have been times in my personal fitness journey when I find myself down a rabbit hole of image.  And it always starts the same way... I start to notice that nothing I do will be good enough.  Have you ever felt this way?  Let me explain a little more of what I mean...

Taking too long to get ready for the gym because nothing is fitting quite like I want it too.  Avoiding the gym all together because I feel self conscious.  Talking down to myself, internally or externally.  Taking photos but not wanting to post any of them. Changing my outfit again and again before an outing.  Comparing myself to others. The list goes on.

These are all little behaviors or thoughts that I start to develop when my health journey has taken a little diversion.  It's like my brain just decided one day, we're going to just tweak your goal because why not? What's the harm in looking better while you feel better?  Woah, can you see how sneaky that language is? It kind of does seem harmless... doesn't it? But when that thought begins to grow into behaviors that make me love my body less, well then that's when I know I've gotten off track.

There has been one remedy that has never failed when I find myself becoming too image-obsessed... and that's gratitude.  The ability that I have to be able to move my body and to fuel it with healthy meals is such a blessing, I never want to forget that, but sometimes I do. I think sometimes we all do, and that's okay, but little reminders that can kindly guide us back to gratitude is always a good idea.

If positive affirmations are something you use to put your mind at ease, here are a few for you to recite to help you feel grateful for your health right now:

  • My body is powerful and knows how to heal itself.

  • I listen to what my body needs.

  • I let go of all fear and doubt and life becomes easy for me.

  • I trust that when I put out good energy, the universe will bless me with positive health and wellness.

  • I am energetic and grateful for my life.

  • I am relaxed, centered, and refreshed in my present state of mind.

I hope that these affirmations help you as much as they have helped me.  I like to write my affirmations in a journal, say them to myself when I'm driving or in the sauna, or keep them posted in places I feel I'll see them most often (a phone background is a great option!)

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