Power Protein Pancakes

Power Protein Pancakes

Craving a fluffy stack of pancakes without the big blood sugar crash afterward?  This power protein pancake recipe makes 3-4 medium sizes pancakes (perfect for a personal stack) and packs almost 50 grams of protein! Way to start your morning right.

I like to use a sugar free syrup because there are some really great tasting options that won't increase my carbs or calories too much but you could also make your own PB2 spread, make a DIY fresh fruit syrup using stevia, etc.  

Macros: 3-4 pancakes (48 P / 20 C / 3 F)




  1. Mix all ingredients together into a smooth, batter consistency.

  2. Heat nonstick pan to medium high heat.

  3. Divide batter into 4 (Makes 3-4 fluffy pancakes).

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