Peanut Butter Lovers Creami

Peanut Butter Lovers Creami

I can't be the only one that sometimes just needs to indulge in a little PB am I right? Being able to mix Peanut Butter AND Ice cream is just a dream come true... and you really can't beat these macros for a treat!


Macros: (for whole pint without mix-ins)
33P 15C 1F | 207 calories



  • 1 scoop or 29g ihm Cake Batter Protein
  • 113g FF cottage cheese
  • 7g SF cheesecake pudding
  • 10-12oz water



  1. First, mix together your powders and cottage cheese into the water. Use small mixer to blend until smooth. 
  2. Pour mixture into your pint cup that comes with your Creami. Freeze for 8 hours.
  3. Next, get your frozen mixture out of the freezer and take the lid off. Place in Creami on ‘lite ice cream’ mode.
  4. When finished take ice cream out of machine and add 1-3tbsp milk or water.
  5. Put back in machine on ‘re-spin’ mode. *May need to do twice depending on how you like your ice cream.
  6. Once perfectly mixed add your Healthy on the Go bar and put back into the machine one last time and use ‘mix-in’ mode.
  7. Take out and add a few peanut butter chips to the top AND THAT IS IT! The most perfect-macro-friendly ice cream ever!

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