5 Ways To Be More Mindful Every Day

5 Ways To Be More Mindful Every Day

This week, I have a little tough love for anyone reading this (and definitely for myself). 

Stop living in the past. Stop reliving the moments when you think you've failed, whether you think you should have exercised or you shouldn't have had that piece of cheesecake. I want you to stop reliving the past.

Sometimes we need a rest day and a bit of cheesecake on the same day! Give yourself a break. Today is Monday, a new week and a new start. We have no space for guilt or shame this week.  

Remaining mindful can prevent many negative feelings and sub-sequential eating side effects, like binging, restriction, and guilt. I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips for staying mindful and in the "now" with yourself.


5 Ways To Be Mindful About Your Health

1.) Pay attention to REAL hunger cues.

Accurate hunger cues include an empty stomach, a growling stomach, a feeling of light-headedness, headache, and grogginess. With saying that, I don't recommend allowing yourself to get to the point of being upset. When you've become too hungry, you're more likely to overeat at your next meal. The key to gauging your true hunger is: that a bit of discomfort goes a long way. Suppose you can pay attention for one week when you experience true hunger cues. Once you have a good idea of when you're hungry and aren't, you can time your meals for your body and its needs rather than eating out of habit, stress, or emotion.

2.) Sit with your emotions and process them instead of eating.

Speaking of emotional eating, wow, this is difficult to overcome, especially in stressful times like the one we're in. But here's the thing. Eating will not make you feel less stressed. Eating will not ease your fear. Eating will not fulfill any emotional need.  

It's so interesting that if you pay attention to your body, the empty-stomach hunger cue can sometimes feel like the hole-in-your-stomach feeling of anxiety or fear. But if you pay close attention, you'll be able to know the difference. Creating a healthy mindset around negative emotions WILL eliminate the need for emotional eating.

3.) Understand that "this too shall pass."

No feeling, circumstance, life event, or even body fat percentage is permanent. Remember that you are in a moment, and the next one is NEW. You get to decide how you use each moment. You're in control.

4.) Focus on mini-wins.

We are focusing on a tiny step at a time. This idea is HUGE. Focus on the fact you ate half a donut instead of three. Focus on that you did 30 minutes of fasted cardio before anyone was awake. Focus on drinking a gallon of water today. It is ALL about the mini-wins. And the only way for them to have their full effect is if you stay in the moment and are aware of them.

5.) Go outside.

One of my very favorite ways to stay mindful is to go outside. Nothing will humble you, make you feel a part of something so spectacular, but also cause your problems seems so tiny than nature. Being able to be outside will bring you back to reality. We are here, and we matter, but ultimately we are a part of something bigger than our external stresses. So take a walk, hike, snowboard, mountain bike, kayak, etc.


What's your favorite way to stay mindful and "in the now" with your health?

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