Quincey's BLTA Wrap

Quincey's BLTA Wrap

If you tuned into our live coaching session today during the 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge, you heard me rave about my love for wraps.  They keep me full and satisfied during a cut and I just love how easy they are to make. This summer version is going to be on repeat in our house.

Macros: 1 wrap (40 P | 23 C | 19 F)

Leave out the avocado if you don’t want the 19g of fat. It would bring it down to 12g of fat for the wrap 👍🏼


  • 1 Joseph’s Lavash Wrap

  • 2 slices Jennie-O Turkey Bacon cooked

  • 4 slices Turkey deli meat (Costco)

  • 50g Avocado

  • Lettuce & tomatoes

  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Lay Lavash wrap flat and spread ingredients

  2. Then fold each side towards the middle until all sides are folded inward and is covering all ingredients

  3. Spray folded side with cooking spray and lay face down on a skillet. Medium heat for 5min.

  4. Flip when golden brown and cook the other side.

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