Big Mac Salad

Big Mac Salad

With a side of guac cuz we can! Fire up those grills (or air fryers) and make my most favorite salad ever! I mean who doesn’t love the taste of a burger salad style! Remember all my macro counters you can take away any ingredient to fit your specific needs.

Macros: 44P | 14C | 14F 

Ingredients :

  • Bed of shredded lettuce - 2cups
  • 96/4 hamburger patty - 4oz (cooked)
  • Tomatoes - handful
  • Fat free shredded cheese - 42g
  • Wholly Guacamole - 55g
  • Bacon bits - 1tbsp


  1. Put lettuce, tomatoes and guac in bowl
  2. Add hamburger patty, cheese and bacon bits
  3. Enjoy! It's that simple!

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