5 Hacks To Help Rid Yourself of Food Restriction

5 Hacks To Help Rid Yourself of Food Restriction

Have you ever tried to “eat clean” or get on a specific meal plan and end up actually having dreams about the food you can’t eat? YEP, same here! I actually end up eating the “clean foods” on my plan PLUS the foods I crave! Double whammy!  

Restriction, in most cases, can lead to feelings of deprivation and longing, which we all know is not healthy or sustainable.  Yes, we can work to change our mindset and thoughts around those feelings of deprivation, but what do we do in the meantime? You don’t have to suffer through hunger and deprivation in order to reach your goals.  There is another way out.

This is the number one reason I L-O-V-E macro counting! If you love Oreos and simply feel like life is not worth living without them... then eat them! Eat the dang cookies! When you count your protein, carbs and fats, YOU get to decide what you put in your body.  Macro counting has given me so much food freedom.


If you are struggling with the never ending cycle of restriction and bingeing, here are a few steps that may help you pull yourself out of the cycle and into a healthier mindset around food:


  1. Pull yourself out of a deficit.  Even if it’s just for a short amount of time, you need to stop dieting and restricting in order to kick your body out of starvation mode and the feeling of never feeling satisfied. 

  2. Enjoy the food that you eat.  Be mindful during meal times. Put your phone away, eat foods that you love and savor them.  Food is to be enjoyed, not to feel guilty about.

  3. Pay attention.  This is where the work comes in.  I need you to pay strict attention to your hunger cues, the way your body feels when you’re hungry, the emotions you get when you eat, all of it.  Once you can recognize when you are truly hungry versus emotional eating or boredom eating, getting in shape comes SO much easier.

  4. Bring back the balance.  After you feel like you have a handle on your hunger scale and you are no longer starving yourself, it’s time to focus on what kinds of foods you’re using as fuel.  Yes, macro counting allows for freedom, but a donut will not fuel your workout in the same way that an eggwhite omelet and oatmeal will.  

  5. Limit your stress.  The less you can stress, the less likely you are to fall back into the old habits of restricting and binging.  Do what you can (sleep, exercise, hydration) to make sure that your body is handling stress appropriately.


If you want to get started with macro counting to find out if it’s the right “fit” for you, check out the programs we offer!  A great place to begin could be coaching (if you need 1-1 help) or our signature 30 Day Cut if you’re a self starter!

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