iHeart Fat Burner

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iHeart Fat Burner

iHeart Fat Burner

$ 58.00

Improved mental focus

All-natural ingredients that improve mental clarity and acuity without addictive side effects.

Boosted Metabolism

Natural ingredients that induce thermogenesis will increase your metabolism without negative side effects.

Happier mood

Unlike most fat burner substances, the natural nootropics provide mood boosting benefits that last.

No harsh side effects

You won't find any skin-crawling, itchy, anxious side effects in this all-natural, mood-boosting formulation.

Formulated for the go-getter.

For the you that's doing the most.

You're in the hang of exercising regularly and you've grown to love it. You choose to eat to fuel your lifestyle more than you don't and you feel better than ever. But something is missing. You haven't quite made it to the look you're going for, or there are still stubborn areas you'd like to improve.

The iHeart Fat Burner was created to accelerate the work you've already done and to complement a consistent routine, all while making you feel energized and amazing.

We've never tried a fat burner we liked...

...until now.

Say goodbye to jittery, anxious, panicked periods thanks to fat burners filled with questionable ingredients. Feeling like you can't stand to be in your body is exactly what we stand against.

We created iHeart Fat Burner to solve that problem. We wanted to create something that amplified results we were already creating ourselves but felt good to take at the same time. So our team formulated an all-natural, proprietary blend of ingredients that does exactly that.

How it works:

All-natural Fat-Burning Ingredients

Because fat burners are a taboo topic in the health and fitness industry, we wanted to make sure that our version is clear. We do not use harsh chemical additives, banned substances, or stimulants to induce thermogenesis. Everything inside our formula occurs naturally and is non-habit forming.

A way better feeling.

If you've tried other fat burners on the market, you know the feeling we're talking about. Itching, anxiety, a feeling of wanting to crawl out of your skin. We are putting a hard pass on all of that. Our formulation makes you feel better, not worse.

made with you in mind

How to use iHeart Fat Burner:

1. Start slow.

If you’re just starting out, ease your way into the full two-pill dose. We recommend starting with a one pill dose to see how you feel.

2. Save it for the AM.

Take within 30-40 minutes of waking up (or your first meal if you prefer to eat first). Recommended dosage is two capsules, which can be taken one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

IHM Disclaimer:

Our main goal is to promote an overall health and fitness lifestyle and there is nothing that can replace a well-rounded diet and exercise regimen and there is no supplement that can take the place of that. 

With that being said, having supplements and aids to help stay on track, increase focus and maintain a healthy lifestyle is something we can get behind. Which is why we created our iHeart Fat Burner.

So here's our two cents: Use this (and all supplements) wisely and in conjunction with a consistent diet and exercise regimen.

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