iHeart Essential Amino Acids

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iHeart Essential Amino Acids

iHeart Essential Amino Acids

$ 42.95

Supports muscle growth

Unlike other amino acids, essential amino acids are the only ones that promote and maintain muscle development.

Improves mood and sleep

Our cells use an amino acid called Tryptophan to create something called serotonin, which helps our body feel calm and relaxed.

Manages weight and appetite

The essential amino acids help control how hungry we feel by sending signals to our brain. This can help us manage our cravings and feel fuller for longer.

EAA’s are the best!

“I have been using EAA’s for about 6 months now and feel like I can give them an honest review. I have loved these! I used BCAA’s before and didn’t always love the flavor and they sometimes caused bloating. I always feel good after I drink the EAA’s and IHM’s flavors are so good!”

— StaviB

Highly Recommend

“I absolutely love the EAA's! Not only does it taste amazing, but it doesn't give me a stomach ache. On top of all that goodness, I can tell a difference in the appearance of my body and muscle mass when I drink the EAA's regularly with my workouts. The ONLY supplements I use are the EAA's and the IHM protein. HIGHLY recommend!”

— Sheena

The best EAA’s

“I absolutely LOOOOOVE the EAA's. Love them with my workouts and as a part of my morning routine because I intermittent fast daily. Thank you for these!!!!!!!!!!!”

— Patricia

Why EAAs?

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are super important for your body because they help build protein, give you energy, and keep you healthy. They can do lots of cool things like helping you grow strong muscles, recover from exercise faster, think better, and more! It's really important to make sure you get all the EAAs your body needs because if you don't, it could stop you from being as healthy and fit as you want to be. Taking a good EAA supplement can help make sure your body has all the aminos it needs to be its best!

How are EAAs different from BCAAs?

BCAA’s contain three essential amino acids, while EAA’s contain all nine essential amino acids. 

At IHM, we recommend EAAs because they can help your whole body stay healthy, not just during exercise. When you take EAAs, you can exercise for longer and make your muscles stronger. They can also help fix your body tissues, break down food better, and even help you focus better mentally.

How it works:

IHM AMINOS are pure EAAs for energy, strength, and recovery.

Our bodies need essential amino acids to work correctly. But sometimes, we don't get enough of them from our food, so it can be helpful to take an EAA supplement.

When you take EAAs, your whole body can benefit - not just your muscles! They can help your brain, tissues, and even your hormones work better. Studies show that EAAs with a lot of leucine can be especially good for building and fixing muscles. IHM Aminos have lots of leucine and the right amount of other EAAs to help your muscles grow and recover well.

made with you in mind

How to use iHeart Essential Aminos:

As an intra workout.

We recommend throwing this into a shaker bottle or gym bag and sipping it throughout your workout. 

Anytime you know you're protein deficient.

We love to use it as a helpful supplement during traveling, colds/flu, and especially busy times when we don’t have as much time or energy to optimize our nutritional intake.

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