iHeart Essential Amino Acids x JorryFitt - Peachy

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iHeart Essential Amino Acids x JorryFitt - Peachy

iHeart Essential Amino Acids x JorryFitt - Peachy

$ 42.95

Supports muscle growth

Unlike other amino acids, essential amino acids are the only ones that promote and maintain muscle development.

Improves mood and sleep

Tryptophan is the amino acid our cells use to create the neurotransmitter serotonin, which puts the body at ease and promotes relaxation.

Manages weight and appetite

Essential amino acids regulate hunger sensations in the brain, which helps manage cravings and increases satiety.

IHM x JorryFitt

"These are to die for! If you are someone who struggles getting enough protein in, this product will be perfect for you. We created something to replace my peach Monster obsession... and I'm even more obsessed. I love sipping them throughout the day, and the difference is noticeable. I can't wait for you to try them!" - Jorry (@jorryfitt)

EAA’s are the best!

“I have been using EAA’s for about 6 months now and feel like I can give them an honest review. I have loved these! I used BCAA’s before and didn’t always love the flavor and they sometimes caused bloating. I always feel good after I drink the EAA’s and IHM’s flavors are so good!”

— StaviB

Highly Recommend

“I absolutely love the EAA's! Not only does it taste amazing, but it doesn't give me a stomach ache. On top of all that goodness, I can tell a difference in the appearance of my body and muscle mass when I drink the EAA's regularly with my workouts. The ONLY supplements I use are the EAA's and the IHM protein. HIGHLY recommend!”

— Sheena

The best EAA’s

“I absolutely LOOOOOVE the EAA's. Love them with my workouts and as a part of my morning routine because I intermittent fast daily. Thank you for these!!!!!!!!!!!”

— Patricia

Why EAAs?

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are the building blocks of protein, energy, and total body health. They help you develop and maintain lean muscle mass, improve recovery, increase mental performance, and much more.

As the bedrock of protein in your body, being deficient in any amino acid could hold you back from reaching your health and fitness goals.

Taking a high-quality EAA supplement is a great way to get the aminos you need to reach total body health and peak performance.

How are EAAs different from BCAAs?

BCAA’s contain three essential amino acids, while EAA’s contain all nine essential amino acids. 

At IHM, we prefer to supplement with EAAs because of the total health benefits rather than exercise-specific benefits.  When taking EAAs, you can expect exercise endurance and muscle growth, tissue repair, food breakdown, and better mental focus.

How it works:

IHM AMINOS are pure EAAs for energy, strength, and recovery.

Because our bodies do not naturally produce all of the essential amino acids they require, and many of us aren’t consuming adequate amounts of protein, everyone can benefit from supplementing with an EAA.

Essential amino acids assist in total body function.  We’re talking about all parts: muscle, brain, tissue, and endocrine. 

Research shows that EAA supplements rich in the amino acid leucine work even better than traditional EAAs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, aid muscle repair, and support muscle recovery.

IHM Aminos are high leucine, with the remaining EAAs in optimal ratios that will optimize muscle development and recovery.

made with you in mind

How to use iHeart Essential Aminos:

As an intra workout.

We recommend throwing this into a shaker bottle or gym bag and sipping it throughout your workout. 

Anytime you know you're protein deficient.

We love to use it as a helpful supplement during traveling, colds/flu, and especially busy times when we don’t have as much time or energy to optimize our nutritional intake.

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