No more wondering what to do in the gym.

The WHIP has been a staple of ours and thousands of clients for 3+ years. One extremely low monthly price for new workouts every single week, for the gym and at home.

What is the WHIP?

WHIP stands for weight training, high intensity interval training, and plyometric training.

Our signature programming is unique because it combines training that will strengthen and grow lean muscles, burn excess fat, increase cardio endurance and improve heart health.

What's Included in the WHIP membership?

Access to the IHM app

Planning your workout has never been this easy. Our IHM app is simple to use and makes planning, tracking, and completing your workout regimen a breeze. You can even log weights, reps, and sets to see the progress you've made.

Bonus: Watch guided video tutorials for every movement in case you aren't familiar with the exercise or need help with form.

New workouts every Sunday

You won't ever be bored with the WHIP membership. Every Sunday evening, new home and gym workouts are uploaded to the app and broken into regular body building splits (an even mixture of upper body, lower body, core, and full body training sessions).

Easy to follow video tutorials

It's like we're working out together!

Frequently Asked Questions