iheartmacros Bio Post

iheartmacros Bio Post
  • Hello, I’m Quincey Whimpey and I am a 35-year-old momma to 4 darlings and
    a wife to an even bigger darling! I am a foodie at heart, a workout junkie and a
    flexible dieter!

  • For the last two years I have ran my own company called “iHeartMacros” and my
    ambition is to help women be free from the bonds of food and dieting. 
    Over the last 10 years, I have been a fitness competitor and a personal trainer.
    During this time what no one knew, not even those closest to me, is that I suffered
    from BED (binge eating disorder).  I formed a habit of restricting food all week
    and doing loads of cardio. I would even steer clear of certain food groups such as
    fruit and dairy, in the fear it would make me fat. 
  • I was under the impression that these foods would keep me from my fitness 
  • goals. What I didn’t realize was it was actually the weekend binges that were
    holding me back from obtaining and reaching my goals.  As the binges started
    on Friday afternoon and go until Sunday evening, I would experience a euphoric
    feeling and I would devour all the “forbidden” foods that I had been depriving
    myself from and I would eat until I was literally sick. I was in a constant battle with
    food and it over shadowed every event and moment in my life.  During this time I
    can remember exactly how uncomfortable I had felt in my own skin, I was a silent
    This was until I had found IIFYM, (if it its your macronutrients) also known as,
    flexible dieting.  It helped me realize that a carb is a carb whether it is a banana
    or a piece of bread. I feel it has given me my life back and the freedom to enjoy
    my life, my family and a body that I am proud of! A body where I feel comfortable
    and confident and the beat part is I am in control! 
    My greatest joy has been sharing this information and educating women so that
    they may be able to enjoy this freedom as I have.  My overall goal is to help you
    and comfort and balance with food and your body!

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