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Our stomach has strong acids and things called digestive enzymes that can harm good probiotics. But our probiotic has an enterically coated probiotic capsule, which is covered in beeswax to keep the probiotics safe from harm. This way, they can do their job and help us stay healthy!

Digestive Enzyme

Our digestive enzyme has four essential ingredients that our bodies need to break down the food we eat. This natural blend can also help with gas and bloating, making you feel more comfortable after eating. It's great for making digestion easier!

Improved gut function = Improved overall health

Your gut is essential for your overall health. If it's not working well, you won't feel your best either. But there's good news! You can make your gut work better by taking healthy bacteria supplements. These can help your immune system, mood, and digestion simultaneously!

made with you in mind

How to use the Gut Bundle:

1. Twice daily (am and pm)

We recommend taking one serving of each (2 probiotic capsules and 2 enzyme capsules) with your first and last meal of the day to aid in overnight and daily digestion.

2. Take with food and water.

We recommend drinking a large glass of water and food, if possible.

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