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Suppresses mid-day cravings

Helps eliminate your hunger cravings so you can stick to your nutrition plan or fasting routine.

Increases energy and focus

Provides an immediate boost of long-lasting energy, without the dreaded “crash.”

Improves hair, skin, and nails

Glow from the inside out: diminish wrinkles, fortify nails, and strengthen hair.

Prolongs fasted periods

Enhanced mental clarity and focus. Kicks fasted “brain fog” to the curb! 

For the everyday superhero.

You do a lot. And you deserve a sidekick. 

Collagen + MCT is for the everyday person who desires more energy, focus, and rest.  

If you struggle with mid-day slumps or hunger cravings, you find yourself waking up feeling groggy or un-rested, you go hard in your workouts, or you’re starting to feel more your age than ever before, this supplement will help change all of that.

Say goodbye to mid afternoon slumps.

We’ve all been there, pushing through brain fog and difficulty focusing around 2 pm. 

You want to grab the closest energy drink or candy bar to attempt to “sugar rush” the fog away, but end up feeling worse when the come down hits. 

iHeart Collagen + MCT will provide a clean burning fuel for your body and brain while helping kick cravings at the same time.

How it works:

Powerhouse ingredients, Collagen and MCT

Collagen is a well known protein (thanks to the beauty industry) that our bodies manufacture naturally, but less and less as we age.

MCT (medium chain triglycerides) is also well known, especially if you've researched the keto diet or intermittent fasting, due to its ability to satiate hunger and provide added brain power.

Craving-kicking Slendesta

One study performed on middle aged women showed that a composite weight loss supplement containing Slendesta “decreased body fat, increased lean body mass.” And even observed “a significant decrease in percent body fat.” Which is why we decied to include it in our unique formulation. 

Buy it now!

"I absolutely love this stuff! I drink it everyday in my coffee sometimes twice a day. I can see a difference in my hair and nails and with the MCT I feel I’m more focus during work!"

— Kara-Jayne

Taste is AMAZING and I have long nails!!

"After seeing a lot of people posting on Instagram that they mix in with their coffee, I decided to give it a try. It is delicious!! I have tried chocolate and toasted marshmallow and it seriously does taste like a s’more!!!"

— Angie

Can't live without it!!

"I LOVE this stuff!! Tastes delicious, helps me fight sweet tooth cravings, and I feel like I can see a difference in my hair and nails."

— Stefanie

made with you in mind

How to use iHeart Collagen + MCT:

1. Habit stack with your current daily drinks.

Whether you drink coffee or not, the ritual of drinking something energizing is probably a part of your daily routine. Stack a scoop into your regular morning or afternoon routine for the most effective results.

2. Mix and go.

Mix one level scoop with four ounces of your preferred hot or cold liquid. Stir thoroughly (we love to use a milk frother or electric whisk). Use up to two times daily.

Quincey's Winter Pick Me Up

6 ounces hot black coffee

1 tbsp sugar free peppermint coffee creamer

1 scoop toasted peppermint Collagen + MCT

"I am a creature of habit and routine makes me genuinely happy. I love waking up before the sun (and my kids) and enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a book or a moment alone.

Collagen + MCT has made my mornings sweeter, more energized, and focused for years and now I feel off if I don't have it. The energy, focus, and hair changes I've seen have blown my mind. I can't wait for you to try it for yourself."

- Quincey

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