Monday WHiP

Staring off the week with Glutes and Hamstrings. You have the ability to turn up or lower the intensity of these workouts but the rate in which you complete the workouts and how much rest you take between rounds.

4 Rounds 

8 Reps - 3 sec down DB Deadlifts 

10 Reps EL - Walking straight leg deadlift


4 Rounds 

8 Reps - Sumo Deadlift (knees travel over toes) 

8 Reps - Weighted sumo squast double pump to hop

HIIT 3 Rounds No REst

30 Sec - 5 Air Squats - 2 jumping lunges  

30 sec - Bent over jumping lunges  


4 Rounds 

15-10-5-5 Reps  - Banded Laying Hamstring Curl (last reps should be very difficult) 

20-20-20-20 Reps - weighted Front squat Sumo squat pulse

3 Rounds  

30 Reps - Weighted in n Out Squat Jump (Burner)

3 Rounds 

30 Reps -Banded laying hamstring curl