Warm UP 3 Rounds 

Standing Shoulder Press 

Push Ups 

Car Drivers

(use a light dumbbell) 

3 Rounds 

Half to Full Range Side Laterals 

(Reform half reps as indicated then perform full reps) 

From Ground BANDED Face Pulls 

(see video as visual but use you bands available at home)

Jumping Jacks 

HIIT 3 Rounds

Jump Squat weighted Push

BB Overhead Reverse Lunge

Mt Climbers

3 Rounds

BANDED From Floor Laying Front Raise

BANDED From Floor Laying Tension Press

(with a comfortable yet challenging tension on the band perform a press)

Plank Punch

3 Rounds 

Alternating DB Bicep Curls  

DB Front Raises 

Push Ups to Side Crunch