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iHeart Collagen + MCT - Toasted Marshmallow

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The supplement to take your overall health to the next level.  A restorative blend that will fuel your mind and body through early morning or mid afternoon slumps.

Collagen Fuel is our multipurpose powerhouse morning and midday supplement formulated to help you satiate cravings, fuel your mind and body, and repair your cells.  

This powder formula dissolves easily in water, coffee, or your preferred liquid and is made in delicious flavors.  

Fuel Your Mind and Body

This purpose driven Collagen + MCT to stay sharp and kick the cravings. Sustainable Energy Boost: MCT's are easily digested and provide you with sustained and natural energy throughout the day. A great source of fuel for your mind and body.

Perfect for Kicking those Cravings

Designed to kick those cravings when you need it the most. Whether you are pushing off your first meal or avoiding those afternoon cravings.

Collagen + MCT is formulated with Slendesta, patented form of all-natural potato skin extract that’s used to suppress appetite and help one feel full longer. The way it’s meant to work is by providing what’s known as Proteinase Inhibitor 2.


  • Manage hunger
  • Feel fuller longer
  • Reduced calories by smaller portions
  • Reduced snacking between meals
  • Energy without all the calories


Collagen is a well known protein (thanks to the beauty industry) that our bodies manufacture naturally, but less and less as we age.  Collagen keeps our skin, hair, nails, and cells healthy by acting as a "building block".  It becomes more and more useful to us as we age.


MCT (medium chain triglycerides) is also well known, especially if you've researched the keto diet or intermittent fasting, due to its ability to satiate hunger and provide added brain power. Many people add MCT Oil to their morning coffee to help prolong a fasted period and/or to provide additional focus.  Because these triglycerides are medium and therefore smaller than most healthy fats (long chain triglycerides), they are easier for most of us to digest and produce energy from.


Who Should take Collagen + MCT


Being a safe all-natural product packed with Collagen that is optimal for soft tissue repair for active people, it is also a promoter of healthy hair, skin and nails which everyone can benefit from.


When should you take Collagen + MCT

If using it as a morning supplement for fasting purposes or to push off that first meal. Many mix it in their coffee or mix it with hot water alone.

If using it to push of those afternoon cravings mix it in hot or cold water.

Also, optimal 30 min before a meal to keep portions in line.


Why Take Collagen + MCT

Even with an attempt to keep supplementation to a minimum. We are always looking for a way to make dieting or managing out eating a little easier. Take the edge off, you no longer have to rely on willpower alone.


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