PRE- RUN Pre Workout 30 Stick Pack
PRE- RUN Pre Workout 30 Stick Pack
PRE- RUN Pre Workout 30 Stick Pack

PRE- RUN Pre Workout 30 Stick Pack

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There is something so satisfying that moment each day we take that PRE-WORKOUT

PRE- RUN is the exact same formula as the iheartmacros PRE you know and love. (With a few changes)

Now it comes in the easy to use, ON THE GO stick pack. AND we reduced the L-Arginine and added RedNite, which is a Beet Root extract. 

RedNite® is the first fresh beetroot concentrate powder, which is high in nitrates and clinically proven to improve exercise performance and endurance in athletes.  It has 25 times more nitrate than beetroot.

The advantages of RedNite® include:

  • Water soluble
  • May increase exercise performance and tolerance
  • Can boost stamina and endurance in athletes
  • Potential to help maintain brain and cardiovascular health
  • Contains 1.5% to 2.75% natural nitrate

With its dark red color and pleasant mild sweet taste RedNite® is a valuable source of dietary nitrates compared to vegetables.  It has been developed over 4 years to achieve standardised nitrates and antioxidants.  Grown with a specific seed variety ENoVate Biolife used a solvent free extraction from fresh farm juice.  This enables them to deliver a natural nitrate with betalains and polyphenols.


Designed with the same power packed energy of the IHM PRE but now with Beet Root to increase that endurance. 


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Dannielle L.
United States United States
Awesome results… TERRIBlE taste

I ordered the strawberry flavor of this product. I was so excited to try this. I’ve taken it a couple different ways. I’ve done it like a pixie stick as well as dissolved it in water. Honestly, if I didn’t live how I felt during and after using the product I probably would not buy again simply because of the taste.. the only way I’ve found I can somewhat stand it is if I do it in water and add stevia to it. Like I said before though, I LOVE how the product works. I’m a distance runner and don’t feel the need to keep caffeinating during a run. Maybe the other flavors are better?

Kara-jayne P.
United States United States
Loving this

Before pre-run I was taking another brand that tasted awful and chalky. With Pre-run, I love that it’s in the stick form, tastes great and no tingling! I’ve been taking this for about a week now and can definitely tell a difference in my workout compared to the other brand. Q and B really know their ish! Thank you!