iHeart Macros Pre Workout
iHeart Macros Pre Workout
iHeart Macros Pre Workout
iHeart Macros Pre Workout
iHeart Macros Pre Workout

iHeart Macros Pre Workout

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The Perfect Pre Workout set the mindset right away

It sets the intention of what you are about to impart on, whether it be a cardio class, a heavy weight training session or an intense HIIT workout.

Then the rush of energy hits

As you set your mind on that workout that surge of energy rushes through your veins and you begin your workout, the perfect mix of energy, focus and motivation have been brought to you by a perfectly formulated Pre Workout. 

With 200mg of caffeine it is the optimal dosage to allow for maximal blood flow and energy, WITHOUT THE CRASH.

You have taken many energy supplements over the years, take one that has put extra focus on the middle ground, the not too much and not too little to make the perfect Pre Workout energy and motivation. 

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love this product!

I havent taken a prework out in years but decided to take the plunge because I love Q's products. I was excited to hear there was no tingles and heart racing. The first morning I did the dry scoop method and boy was the info wrong ! My hands burned and tingled and I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. I was so jittery I could hardly hold my weights. The next morning my hubs thought I was crazy to take it again but this time I did a half scoop and still tingled but felt better. My body has gotten used to it now that I am almost to the end of my first container. I will be buying more because I love how hard I can push during my WO while on this. I learned that I can only take 3/4 a scoop. I do which the acai berry was on the subscribe plan! It is YUMMY! I will be hoping the watermelon is good because I like the lower price point!

Amelia B.
United States United States
Best pre workout

I absolutely love this pre workout. I have only ordered the watermelon flavor which I love but I will have to try the other flavors. No gitters or crash just the energy to get my morning workout going!

Tracy O.
United States United States
Love this Pre-workout

I ordered the Acai to try as well... love how it gives me the added boost I need for my workout, without the jitters or any tingly feeling.