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iHeart Pre-Workout

iHeart Pre-Workout

$ 42.95

The extra push you need

Go the extra rep, mile, or minute with steady, non-jittery energy.

No Itching

Low doses of beta-alanine mitigate itching/tingling while still providing muscle endurance benefits.

Increased blood flow

L-arginine increases blood flow, therefore allowing you to oxygenate your muscles and heart easier than you would otherwise.

Crash-free energy

200 mg of caffeine will you give you the perfect amount of energy. No chemicals or excessive sweeteners here.

Don't be a victim of your comfort zone.

There's a subject that doesn't get enough attention in the health and fitness world and that's the plateau that happens when your body adapts to exercise and diet.

It sneaks up on you. You're killing it in the gym, you're eating on protocol, so why have results slowed? Because, well... science.

Our bodies are smart and they adapt to our environment. In order to see results consistently, we need to be creating new stimulus regularly.

So what does that mean? It means we have to be pushing ourself to a point of discomfort in our workouts. That means we need to do that extra rep, that extra mile, the extra minute, or challenge ourself in a new way.

Pre-workout is the perfect tool to have in your toolbox for helping create that additional stimulus to continue seeing results.

Make the most out of your workouts.

We know that you're busy and taking time out of the day to get a workout in is an investment that you're making in yourself.

Our goal when creating a pre-workout was to give you the edge that you need to make sure that your time improving yourself is not wasted. Now you can complete your workout knowing that you gave it your all, and your results will speak for themselves.

How it works:

The right amount of caffeine at the right time

The concept behind taking a pre-workout is to give you an immediate (but short) burst of energy during your workout to boost your overall intensity, endurance, and output. 200mg of caffeine delivered 15 minutes prior to working out, we've found, is the perfect dose to feel more motivated without feeling overly jittery or itchy.

Exercise Optimizing Ingredients

L-arginine, beta alanine, and L-glutamine are a few of the powerhouse ingredients that we incorporate to increase muscle strength, endurance, blood flow, and exercise recovery.

Amazing flavor and effectiveness

"I’ve tried a lot of pre workouts, and this one is by far the best. The watermelon tastes so good I dry scoop it! It gives me just the right amount of focus and energy I need without the nasty side effects of other pre workouts. I look forward to taking it every morning!"

— Dora

Best pre workout

"I absolutely love this pre workout. I have only ordered the watermelon flavor which I love but I will have to try the other flavors. No gitters or crash just the energy to get my morning workout going!"

— Amelia


"I am in love with the pre workout! There is no crash, it tastes delicious and you don’t get the jitters. I had an incredible workout.

You can't go wrong with any of the ihm supplements. Simply the best!"

— Aubrie

made with you in mind

How to use iHeart Pre-Workout:

1. 15 minutes before your workout...

Mix one level scoop in 6 ounces of cold water 15 minutes prior to working out.

2. Stay hydrated.

Because you will be exerting and burning more energy, don't forget to stay hydrated throughout your workout.

Dry Scooping 101

If you're familiar with pre-workouts, you've probably come across the "dry scooping" technique to take your pre. We haven't come across science that dry scooping has any other benefits than saving you an extra dish to wash, but we thought we'd give you a few tips if you're in a pinch and need your pre!

1. Start small. If this is your first time dry scooping, start with about a half scoop rather than a full scoop.

2. Scoop and shake within the canister. Tap off any excess inside the canister to prevent powder residue getting on your clothes, car, etc.

3. Have water at the ready. This is important because you'll need something to wash it down!

4. Scoop, but don't swallow. Throw that scoop of pre back but don't swallow yet.

5. Wash it down. Take a sip of water to wash it down and you're all set. No blender bottle needed!

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