Nootropics are a type of natural medicine that can help our brains work better. They make it easier for us to think, learn, and remember things. Our unique mix of nootropics is good for helping you stay focused, not feel as hungry, and have more energy.

Salmon Oil

 Salmon Oil is the best source for Omega Fatty Acids and we've included it in our Brain Booster bundle because studies have shown that it can protect against neuro degenerative disease in the brain.


Creatine is not only helpful for maintaining lean muscle mass, but recent studies have shown promising therapeutic value in helping with neurodegenerative diseases.

Improved brain function = Improved overall health

Healthy brain function is really important for our overall health. Our brains help us make choices every day, so it's super important that they work really well.

Things like moving our bodies, getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and having a clear mind all help keep our brains healthy. The way we move, the things we eat, and the activities that stimulate our brain are all important parts of keeping our brain fit.

Take care of your brain today and you'll be able to make good choices with confidence!

made with you in mind

How to use the Brain Booster Bundle:

1. Salmon oil and nootropic in the morning.

We recommend taking your daily serving of nootropic and salmon oil with your first meal of the day.

2. Creatine consistently.

The tasteless creatine powder can be consumed at any point in your day; it's just important that you are consistent in your daily intake.

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