Feel full while fasting.

Collagen Fuel gives you the energy you need to get through your fasting periods while giving you that “full feeling” that your tummy craves!

Suppresses hunger so you’re not relying on willpower alone.

Increases energy and focus.

Improved hair, skin, and nails!

Makes intermittent fasting a breeze.

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Introducing Collagen Fuel, MCT, and Slendesta in one scoop!

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  • All-day energy 
  • Supports intermittent fasting
  • Brain Fuel 

Everything you could want to start your day. 

Proven ingredients that help curb your appetite and give you the energy you need during fasting or between meals. 

Fasting without feeling hungry or tired is now possible thanks to our MCT and collagen formulation.

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting but failed to pull it off because you got hungry or ran out of energy?  

If so, you’re not alone. After all, no one likes to go through their day hungry, cranky, and tired! 

And if you’re trying to stick to any sort of diet or fasting routine…

The hunger pangs, low energy, and brain fog can derail your good intentions no matter how strong your willpower.   

Truth is, the #1 reason people don’t stick with their healthy routines is because they get hungry! 

Collagen Fuel helps prevent you from getting hungry in the first place. 

While providing “clean” energy for your body and mind...all without having to eat. Thanks to our unique blend of MCT, Collagen, and Slendesta. 

Putting one scoop in your morning (or afternoon!) coffee can help suppress that hunger and provide the energy you need to crush your day.  

You too can Experience this boundless energy, mental clarity, and full-all-day feeling starting with your first scoop.

So you can crush your diet and fitness goals and have a slimmer, sexier body that will have your friends begging you to share your secret.

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180-Day money-back guarantee 

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Morning OR afternoon pick-me-up

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You can experience these game-changing benefits starting today...thanks to Collagen Fuel’s unique blend of ingredients 

What you should expect when you start your day with a scoop of Collagen Fuel...

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Premium ingredients backed by real research.

5000mg Collagen

Your joints and your skin are both made up of 70% collagen. And as you get older your body’s natural collagen production declines. That’s why we decided to make collagen one of the main ingredients in our morning fuel.

5000mg Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

This amazing source of energy is more easily absorbed than your normal which makes it less likely to be stored as fat. Instead, you get “clean” energy that keeps you going, even without eating. And research shows MCT may help support a reduced appetite, give you more mental clarity with better focus, and boost your energy levels.    


Studies show that Slendesta helps suppress appetite. Which is useful because the #1 reason people don’t follow through with their diet plans is because they get hungry!  

When it comes to your morning fuel, nothing else stacks up…

Collagen Fuel

  • Both MCT and Collagen in one scoop for the ultimate morning routine
  • Real results from real people 
  • Helps by addressing common sense problems
  • Made in the USA from vegan-friendly, non-GMO ingredients. All from an FDA-approved facility. 
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guaterntee -- no questions asked 

The Competition

  • May contain MCT or Collagen...need to buy two different supplements to compare to Collagen Fuel
  • Made up testimonials and shady business practices 
  • Overhyped claims promising unrealistic results
  • Often manufactured overseas in unregulated factories producing 
  • No guarantee because they can’t stand behind their products. Puts all the risk on your shoulders. 

180-Day money-back guarantee

Collagen Fuel makes fasting a breeze while giving you the energy  & mental clarity you crave

  • Helps eliminate your hunger cravings so you can stick to your nutrition plan or fasting routine
  • Provides an immediate boost of long-lasting energy, without the dreaded “crash”
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus. Kicks “brain fog” to the curb! 
  • Accelerated recovery times after athletic training.  
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails so you look years younger
  • Turns your morning coffee into a guilt-free Mocha that you look forward to every day

Choose the Collagen Fuel package that’s best for you. 

100% money-back guarantee 

Made in FDA inspected facility 

Huge discounts on multi-bag orders


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You’re backed by our 180-day 100% money-back guarantee.

We believe that you’re going to LOVE the way you feel when you try Collagen Fuel for yourself. In fact, we’re so confident that we decided to put all the risk on our shoulders. 

So if you don’t absolutely love your experience with Collagen Fuel, we will refund your 100% of your money on the spot...no questions asked. 

So when you say “yes” to collagen fuel today, you’re really just saying that you’ll take it for a “test drive.” A 100% risk-free trial on your part. 


180-day 100% money-back guarantee 

Now you have a choice to make…

You’ve now reached a crossroads. 

You can take one of two paths. 

The first path is to ignore everything you’ve discovered on this page today. 

To keep doing what you’ve been doing. 

You can keep relying on willpower alone to resist your cravings.

Trying to slog through day after day with lagging energy and brain fog. 

Constantly dealing with that nagging hunger that temptation.

But nothing is going to change. 

The results are going to be the same.  

OR...You can take the second path.

Now that you know about the incredible benefits that Collagen fuel provides…

You don’t live to live that way anymore. 

You can have boundless energy, mental clarity, fantastic-looking hair, skin, and nails...

All from one scoop of Collagen Fuel in the morning. 

The choice is yours.

Which path will you choose?

Questions? We’ve got answers! Our most frequently asked questions are answered below.