Meal Plan Method

Meal Plan Method

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Have you found yourself just saying JUST TELL ME WHAT TO EAT?? Then this is your plan~

Think of this as counting macros without actually counting and tracking your macros all week. We will do that for you with this MEAL PLAN METHOD. Your meal plan will equal your exact macros so no need to log it!  And to get the results you are looking for all you need to do is follow your meal plan!

Let this just be another tool in your tool belt of structured eating. With this plan your meals will be structured during the week (Monday - Thursday) and you will utilize IIFYM (Flexible Dieting) Friday through Sunday, "Hitting your Macros" with your variety of food choices.

This program is not just a meal plan, but a mindset that will allow structure when needed, as well as freedom! 

- Personalized Macros from me 

- Macros personalized to your ihm Meal Plan

- ihm Recipe e-Book

- 4 weeks of ihm Workouts 

*The meal plan will be the same meals during the 4 day period*